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05-30-2005, 13:56

For some time I have been pondering what it is best to have when I get into camp (shelter or tent site) or have to ford small streams to get water etc.

I currently have a pair of Teva sandles that are several years old now. The soles are worn and the velcro on the straps works but not like it used to. Also the pair weighs a full pound (something like 1 lb 2 oz). I am hoping I could get something that weighs maybe a half pound to serve the same purpose for the AT thru hike I am planning for spring 2006.

I have gone to both Eastern Mountain Sports (my personal standby!) and REI (Recreational Equipment Inc Boston store. In each case.. I seem to be left with a choice of very light flip flops that won't hold to my feet with socks on or very durable go anywhere sandles that weigh as much as sneakers. Also the don't list weights on any of the tags. And for some very odd reason...the salesman always seem to stear me to something heavier than what I already have even when I say I want to lighten up.

So what do you suggest? what do you use? I am one who likes to hike in regular hiking boots as running shoes just wont give the same support.

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05-30-2005, 14:26
A TON of people wear Crocs or Waldies, which are light-weight and comfortable: http://www.crocs.com/index.asp. I carry an old pair of mocassins, and my father carrys a pair of water shoes. We are both happy with what we wear, and they are smaller than Crocs. But like I said, just about everybody has a pair of Crocs.

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05-30-2005, 17:18
I used Waldies. Great camp shoes. The ones without the heel strap weigh 11 oz. From what I've seen the current ones all have the heel strap. Good thing though... it gives you a bit more insurance that your camp/fording shoes won't be an offering to the Piscataquis River God in Maine.

Big Dawg
05-30-2005, 18:19
Average size of Crocs weight 12oz/pair.

Hammock Hanger
05-30-2005, 19:44
Average size of Crocs weight 12oz/pair.

Love my Crocs... more now then when I was on the trail. I have 6 pairs:p

A little bulky but great camp, around town and stream crossing footwear.


05-30-2005, 23:48
I found that Payless shoe store is selling sandles just like crocs for the summer, and a pair of sandles with two wide straps on top. They are a simular material, but the sandles with the two straps are less than half the weight of crocs. I have been wearing them regurally and they are extremely comfortable, secure so you can cross streams in them, and are showing no wear. I got them for 15 dollars, cheaper than crocs too.

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