View Full Version : 2013 IAT Thru-Hikers?

The Phoenix
01-08-2013, 16:11
I have reduced my potential trails to the International AT, the Pacific Northwest Trail, and the Florida Trail. (a good diverse bunch I think)

I have always wanted to hike IAT, and figured with the time I have it could be a perfect fit.

Anyone with personal thru-hiking/section hiking experience fill free to chime in with advice and thoughts!

The gist of what I have read so far is start in the late summer, be prepared for some pretty good bug and mud action, some road walking, and prepare for some French Canadians working the fur trade.

I am open to any feedback anyone has.

04-20-2013, 02:30
Hey Phoenix,

Did you decide which trail you were doing? My boyfriend and I are hiking the AT through to the IAT in Canada in 2014. If you keep a journal or anything, we'd love to see what you're up to if you choose the IAT!


04-20-2013, 07:56
Hi Folks,

i am going to start a SOBO section hike from Katahdin later this year. i know the AT terminates at Katahdin, but where does the IAT start? Katahdin or Katahdin Lake.

04-21-2013, 01:36
Hi Maru,

Here is a link to the Maine guide from the IAT website:


It says, "The Maine section of the IAT/SIA is 138 miles (222 kms.) long. Heading north from the Katahdin Lake East Access (KLE) trailhead of Baxter State Park, the route passes through boreal forests, follows trails, old logging roads, rural public roads, an abandoned railroad bed, to the potato fields of Aroostook County and the cleared strip of land along the
boundary between the United States and Canada. Beyond Fort Fairfield, the trail enters the province of New Brunswick."


08-25-2014, 16:13
I had never heard of the "International AT" until I stumbled upon this site! So very cool! We're doing the trail in sections--looks like now we have a bunch more sections we can tackle! Love it!