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01-09-2013, 12:01
What have people found to be the best choice (lightweight and good charge/rechargable) to use for a phone, camera, book reader, like a kindle.

I was considering bringing all three but there must be better options with all the solar chargers available.

01-09-2013, 12:06
Not sure if you're asking which device(s) to use for the functions of phone, camera, etc. or if you're asking about how to keep those devices charged. If you search a bit here (I like to use google with "Whiteblaze" in the search criteria) you'll find a thread on charging devices. Solar just isn't what it's cracked up to be, especially on the AT which is mostly shaded. Charge times can take as much as several hours and those several hours you might have available when the sun is up and shining directly down (maximum power) are the same time you're in town and could just plug in or else hiking under the trees.

As for devices several smartphone devices both Android and IOS will handle all of the functions you listed. Will they do them all well? That's subjective. I carry an Iphone 5 to check weather updates and take photos. But it takes crappy photos unless the conditions and composition are perfect and the battery tends to drain down quickly when running even the alarm clock app. Still, it beats carrying a kindle, P&S camera and phone separately.

01-09-2013, 14:16
I think that the best choice depends on your use of a cell phone (possibly smartphone) in normal life. I.e., are you a person for whom it makes sense to have a cell phone contract? I'm not, and I find that really impacts the right smartphone to select, to include both model and service provider.

Once that's sorted out, IMO the clear winner is a smartphone of some sort as an all-in-one device. Then you can decide how high-end of a device that makes sense for you, to include screen size. A smaller, cheaper (but current model) phone with a relatively smaller screen might be just fine for you; small reading glasses can mitigate the small screen effect for some people.

iPhone's are great devices, but I incline more towards and Android phone which allows extra batteries to be carried. Yes, they make things like the Morphie Juice and so forth to recharge an iPhone, but it's lighter and simpler to just carry a spare battery or two, along with a charger if you're on a long trip (i.e., where you might find recharge opportunities along the way).

Living in New Hampshire, I don't suggest that you (OP) think about solar chargers unless the technology is just so interesting to you that you have to give it a try.

01-09-2013, 14:42
What have people found to be the best choice (lightweight and good charge/rechargable) to use for a phone, camera, book reader, like a kindle.

I was considering bringing all three but there must be better options with all the solar chargers available.

I carry this battery charger and plug in at restruants, small stores, hostels, any place I can find power, etc. It will charge three items at one time, and it's pretty cheep.


01-09-2013, 23:07
Thanks for the suggestions. I think I was trying to talk myself out of buying smartphone since the monthly rate with a contract is so high, but I feel like it is the most sensible choice for a long distance hike.

01-09-2013, 23:56
I was going to take my phone, gps ( for maps ), and camera. I did this a couple times on shakedown hikes. The camera got wet and hasn't worked since. The gps drains the batteries (AA) if left on, and my phone lasts only a short time if left on. I started doing a little research on smartphones , chargers , etc... I have settled on a Hyper Juice 7200mah lithium battery pack. And an i-phone 4s with a mophie battery and protector. The hyper will charge my phone six times, the mophie once ( mainly for protection) and the i-phone is my camera, gps, and maps with all the shelters on it, also got a dual usb port charger/wall plug and two cords to charge everything in the hotels we plan on staying at. Still saved weight from what i was originally carrying.

01-10-2013, 08:07
Iphone+battery pack such as New Trent is the way to go IMO. Can't say much because testing is underway, but look at the Powerpot as well.

A 9900mah new trent battery pack will charge my ihpone from 0 to full about 5 or 6 times., and the pack itself takes about 4-6 hours to charge.

Tree Nerd
01-15-2013, 20:23
Here's what I do.

Take your phone, turn it off and stuff it in your pack....until you need it or want to use it. Why be attached to a phone anyway? The point for me on the trail is to get away from everything. Anyway, to keep it dry I store the phone in a ziplock back in the top of my pack (for easy access) with my phone and camera charger. Take a charger to charge in towns. I also have a Samsung Rugby II, its suppose to be water resistant so no biggie if it gets some rain water on it.

I have a Pentax WG1 (w/o GPS). This is a so called adventure proof camera: shock proof, water proof, crush proof, etc. It has a lot of really nice functions and takes really good pictures. It has a macro function with even LED lights for really close pictures, functions for stars and night lights, functions for panaramic view, and a bunch more, but my favorite is the the self assist function. When you face the camera towards you the LED lights on the front tell you where your located on the frame and it takes the picture when it senses that your smiling....very cool! Anyway, it is very complex and I have yet to use most of the functions. I also carry a charger and extra SD cards. FYI, Pentax makes this same camera with a GPS....too much for me and I wouldn't use it.

One thing I have been wanting for awhile and finally got for Christmas it the Mountainsmith Cyber II (medium). It is a camera case that has several attachment ways. You can attached it vertically, horizontally, or carry it on a lanyard. The reason I wanted it so bad is because it attaches to the shoulder straps of backpacks. This is amazingly convenient! Its comfortable and its right on your shoulder, so if you see something on the move you can get your camera out in seconds and capture the moment.

I carry a deck of cards and a journal......its amazing how much fun you, and everyone around you can have with a deck of cards.