View Full Version : Today's My Last Day

01-11-2013, 13:53
Big news. Today is my last day of work. March is getting closer.

2013'ers What are you doing until you hit Springer?

01-11-2013, 13:55
Working until pretty much the day before. Every day seems to go by slower and slower at work...

01-11-2013, 13:58
Working until pretty much the day before. Every day seems to go by slower and slower at work...

Same here except I need to do it until April. Oh well I still have time for test hikes.

01-11-2013, 13:59
Working! Stealing 2 days a week to get out and hike, but mostly trying to get the work finished up by February 15 so I have time to get my ducks in a row before showtime.

(Note: I'm not bringing actual ducks.) :)

Oh, and as of this morning, going through my brand new Awol guide and making notes. Fun!

Capt Nat
01-11-2013, 14:04
Congrats on your last day! I'm assembling and testing gear, watching the weather, and generally getting antsy... It has gone from my wife supporting my hike this year to insisting on it. I think she is watching the calendar and counting down the days...

The Solemates
01-11-2013, 15:26
why are you waiting til march? start tomorrow!

sgt easy
01-11-2013, 17:07
I'm recovering from a root canal! Have to go back Feb 10th to finish it; then final logistics and a favorable weather report, and i'm GONE....and like with Cap'n Nat, my long-suffering girlfriend can't wait for the pre-trip babble to end and get me outa here!

01-11-2013, 18:46
Work until March 5th.
A few last minute jobs around here and fly to USA on St Pat's Day! (Not taking aer lingus)

01-11-2013, 21:49
Hey, me too... last day of work :banana (sitting at the airport now, waiting for flight back to Vermont... last job was in Kansas)... I am going to lay out all my stuff, pack, repack, take short hikes, drive everyone around me crazy, unpack, pack, take a short hike, unpack, pack, arghhhh

Zippy Morocco
01-11-2013, 21:54
Today was my last day too! I'm going to spend a few weeks packing and sorting through things. Then we will leave Montana and head to Georgia. I will spend February around there visiting friends and family. Then in early March Margo and I will hit the trail. See you there!

01-12-2013, 08:48
Working for couple more weeks, putting in my 2 week notice the ill be hitting the trail... In meantime also testing gear..

Josh Calhoun
01-14-2013, 21:53
Congrats! putting my 2 weeks in on the 25th of this month. then just seeing family, drinking beer with friends, and counting down the days. Feb the 16th NOBO www.trailjournals.com/Rash (http://www.trailjournals.com/Rash)

01-16-2013, 13:05
Turned in my letter of resignation yesterday - I'm leaving February 22nd, taking about a week, then heading down to GA start my hike!

01-16-2013, 17:31
I just canceled my websites for guitar lessons. I'm, obviously, not taking any new students until I get back. Maybe that wasn't obvious but that's the plan. I'm glad. I'm continuing to hike and it's been sunny here in the Seattle area for almost a week and portends the same over the next 5 days. I plan to get 2 more major up-mountain hikes in this week with the sun shining. Hopefully by next week I can start adding more miles to my prep. That would be great but I could easily see being another couple of weeks. My goal is to do 3, 8 mile days in a row a week or so before I leave. If that goes well I may try an 11 mile loop up and down Squak Mountain with my pack on. I figure if I can do the 8 milers like that then I'm set to start the trail on March 21st.

I stop teaching lessons the first week of March but I only have about 7 students a week as it is, so it's not taking up too much of my time. I also have a friend who wants to take me camping and go over survival stuff on a weekend in March. I'm ok either way but I figure the information won't hurt me. :) Good luck everyone and I hope to see you on the trail!

01-16-2013, 18:13
Watching it snow here in NH, setting up our food supply network and wondering what the weather will be doing around March 7.

Tree Nerd
01-16-2013, 20:49
Working, going to school, Forestry Club President duties, mini conclave, VT timberbeast competition, conclave, senior projects presentations, moving stuff back home (ohio), 3 day hike into Trail Days at Damascus, back to ohio, back to kentucky, work, move more stuff home, fine tune gear and plans, head to maine, SOBO starting in June.......In otherwords Im going to be super busy and wont have much time for prep.