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The Cleaner
01-13-2013, 03:35
Just got back in late yesterday from another work trip up to Jerry's Cabin shelter.Myself and a friend with help from WB members Papa D & Stretch,assembled pine log benches around the outside firepit there.I had cut several long pieces when I had day hiked in with a chainsaw the previous week.On that trip I had cut some extra firewood from several of many blown down pines near the shelter.Moving the 6-8' logs required more elbow grease than I had.Papa D had said he wanted to help on a project there since he was planning a trip in the area a while back.It didn't take too long to move the logs and rocks to set them on.There was very little wood at the shelter and nothing to sit on around the firepit.Thanks a lot Papa D & Stretch as there was no way I could have done this alone.The picnic table there was getting moved a lot back and forth and now the table can stay inside the shelter.With the upcoming thru season and the large number hikers using the shelter now have a nice place to sit outside and enjoy the firepit as the weather permits.My friend and I parked at the Fork Ridge trailhead and on our way out we hiked over to and down the Jerry Miller trail.This makes a nice loop for hikers wanting a short trip in the area.On our way down we met 3 local hikers and they confirmed that the trail intersection just above Whiteoak Flats does lead over into the Hickey Fork drainage.From this junction one can hike down into the Hickey Fork area and take a trail back up toward the Pounding Mill trail at it's intersection with the AT near Camp Creek Bald firetower.The weather was great with only a little light rain and some heavy wind one night.Also I took another shovel to JC donated by a WB member. It was nice to work with other WBers on this project and thanks again to them for their help:sun.1899718998189991900019001

01-13-2013, 08:09
And thank you for taking the time, to make the trail a little nicer. My hat goes off to you sir:sun

Hikes in Rain
01-13-2013, 09:16
Said it before, but it bears repeating: Thank you for all your efforts. It's greatly appreciated.

01-13-2013, 10:44
Yes Sir... this thread makes me proud to be a Wber & +1 to the 2 previous comments made. A huge thank you to Papa D, Stretch and to Dogwood for donating the shovel. :sun

01-13-2013, 13:04
Thanks for all your efforts on our behalf:)

Coffee Rules!
01-13-2013, 13:28
Awesome stuff! Thanks to all for their time and effort.