View Full Version : Eagles Nest Shelter

06-02-2005, 13:01
.3 miles off the trail. Your run of the mill three walled shelter that's quite large. There's a privy that's pretty full and a fire ring in front. Spring is .2 miles from the trail and was flowing quite nicely. Somebody left some good reading material behind but some of the pictures were cut out :-? . Must be a "gentleman's shelter". ;)

04-08-2006, 21:28
Was up there last weekend. Water levels in the area are pretty low, but we did a hint of rain this week. Hope the rain keeps up or we could have some significant drought issues.

04-09-2006, 19:37
A little ways south of there is a big blue berry patch - theres a small tent site there and a fire ring. I found the Eagles Nest buggy so I moved south and Hammocked in the blue berry patch.