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Lucky Dog
01-14-2013, 11:32
We will be taking a week off work to do this section of the trail, and i have some questions. We will be doing this section sometime between the last week in March and mid April. I want to leave North Ga on a Friday afternoon and drive to Hot Springs where would be a good place to stay and where could we leave our car? The next question is should we just drive two cars or could we get a shuttle to Newfound gap? Any suggestions you have would be great, any highlights on this section let me know. Thanks for your help.

Hikes in Rain
01-14-2013, 13:34
Bluff Mountain Outfitters can arrange a shuttle for you. I've used them with no issue. (828) 622-7162. What sort of lodging are you looking for? Iron Horse Station http://www.theironhorsestation.com/ is right next door, and they'll let you park in their lot or across the road in a public lot for free. I parked there for a week, with no other issue than the back om my truck filling with rainwater. The beer is good at Iron Horse, and so is the food, but the Smokey Mountain Diner is better. There are also a couple of really nice B&B's.

Lucky Dog
01-14-2013, 20:22
Thanks for the information, as far as lodging it doesn't matter. We will be getting there pretty late and leaving early the next morning. But when we set a date I will call about a shuttle, which would be great.

Hikes in Rain
01-14-2013, 21:36
Best of luck to you. That's a great hike!! Have fun, and if I can be of any help, please feel free to let me know.

01-14-2013, 22:14
Check with Curtis also at Standing Bear Farm, he also shuttles and isn't far from Hot Springs

Papa D
01-14-2013, 22:32
Send a private message to The Cleaner or to 10K - bet one of them would help - good hike. There is a public parking lot in Hot Springs - I was just there - free - no problems.

Tony Lagana
01-14-2013, 22:58
A walk in the woods shuttle service is your best bet on price Cost $100 from Hot Springs to Newfound Gap. (865)-430-8283. All The rest of the folks want $140 to $160 As for a place to stay Elmers Place is the ultimate A.T. experience . Make a reservation in advance . Iron Horse was fair for the money . If money is an issue camping along the river is really nice also as there are numerous sites . Good luck and Happy Trails !
"The Big Gallot "

Lucky Dog
01-17-2013, 20:17
Now I just found out that highway 441 between Cherokee and Gatlinburg is closed due to a huge land slide.