View Full Version : PreSoking Rice

Stir Fry
01-16-2013, 23:58
I have read that if you presoake rice you cut down on the cooking time. How long do you need to presoake it? Also; do you soke it at the same ratio as cooking 2 cups water to 1 cup rice.

Northern Lights
01-17-2013, 00:12
I don't know anything about pre soaking rice, but Minute Rice works great.

01-17-2013, 01:03
Presoaking will not do much for rice except make it mushy. Basmati rice cooks faster then most other rice except for instant.

Rocket Jones
01-17-2013, 07:01
+1 on the instant rice. Regular rice - presoaked or not - takes too long and uses too much fuel to cook.

01-17-2013, 08:54
I think the point of bringing dry rice is for the light weight. If you soak it, and carry it, you may as well just carry one of the Uncle Ben's microwave packets.

Hikes in Rain
01-17-2013, 13:28
You can also cook it at home and then dehydrate it. Homemade minute rice! Especially good with brown rice, which takes forever to cook.

01-17-2013, 14:52
I post soak. Boil water. Place Lipton Rice side in hot water. Turn off stove. Save fuel. Put lid on cook pot. Let stand for 5-8 mins while setting up camp. Eat. Repeat about 90 more times and Mt K will be on the horizon for a AT GAMER.

01-17-2013, 15:00
I cook with Basmati or Jasmine on the trail. If I'm feeling lazy, I'll use minute rice and those who've posted about cooking/dehydrating your own are spot on. Though for the effort, you might as well just buy a box.

As for presoaking - yes, it does help reduce the cook time but not by much. Rice really needs the heat in the water to aid in absorption. The kicker is that you don't have to have it on the heat the whole time. Simply heat water to boiling and dump in rice (or heat it with the rice if you prefer, just be sure not to scorch the rice - it's a pain to scrape out). Turn off heat. Place pot in pot cozy and let stand for 5 minutes (if it's basmati or Jasmine) or 10 - 15 if it's regular white rice. If it's not quite done just stick it on to simmer for a minute or two. Presto!

01-17-2013, 15:12
Put rice in pot, add water, put 1 ouce fuel in Fancee Feest stove, light stove, place pot on and when it boils let it go till fuel is consumed. Stir a couple of times. Let it sit for 5 min and it should be good to go. Add catsup and soy sauce, enjoy.:)

Stir Fry
01-17-2013, 17:34
My thought was to put my rice in a ziplock with water at lunch. Then pour water into pot and boil at dinner time then put back into ziplock. Set aside till done. That way I have the pot avalable to make a gravy or other topping. When I cook in the pot. ant then try to cook a topping the rice get cold.

01-17-2013, 18:26
I hear you on the rice getting cold. You could transfer the rice to a bowl and then put the bowl in a cozy with a lid on it. Also, what if you were to think of it more like a rice dish with the gravy incorporated? It takes a bit of practice to get the water right but basically, you cook the rice till almost done then add enough extra water (if necessary) to then make your gravy or other sauce at a simmer.

I do this for red beans and rice, dirty rice, rice a roni, etc. Basically, it becomes a one pot meal. Plus the extra sauce helps keep the rice from sticking to the pot.