View Full Version : Looking for hiking companion(s) this Spring and/or Fall - for two 50 mile sections

01-19-2013, 18:27
I'm someone new to the hiking scene but do have most necessary equipment. I hiked the Md section of the AT last year and had a great time. I want to start plugging away and am planning two 50 mile hikes this year....one in the spring the other in the late summer or fall time frame. I'm thinking maybe the GA section in late April/May and then maybe 1/2 of NC in Sept/Oct.....I'm flexible.

I'm 43 this June but pretty fit and can probably keep up with an average - above average hiker....last year I did 17 miles per day on the MD section. I'm willing to slow it down a little but would like to get 50 miles accomplished on each trip in no more than 4-5 days.

Let me know if you may be interested?

Chris from MD