View Full Version : PA hike next weekend--parking and water

06-05-2005, 18:37
We will be hiking from Palmerton PA to the Delaware Water Gap next week. I would appreciate any information on where to park at either end of the hike, as well as information about water availability, outside of that at the shelters, which we may find on the hike. From the maps, it doesn't appear as though we are going to run into much water, and there seems to be approximately 16 miles between our starting point and the first shelter, with one possible source at the Delp Spring.

Any additional information would be greatly appreciated--thanks!!


06-06-2005, 03:36
There's a good place to park at the ranger station at Delaware Water Gap, on the NJ side of the bridge (the first exit at the NJ side of the bridge takes you right there). They ask that you register with them, and that you not take a parking space right at the visitor's center. If you're starting your hike before the office opens, you can put a piece of paper under the door with your name, licence number, route, ETA, and emergency contact number on it.

06-10-2005, 14:00
memorial day weekend i did a multiday trip south from palmerton/lehigh gap. we left a car at the little parking area near the lehigh gap bridge. across the street from carzone or autozone or some car place. it was fine.