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01-23-2013, 10:39
Well, I thought there used to be a forum for non-hiking related discussion, but couldn't find any such beast. I decided that this could pertain in some ways to hiking, so will post it here.

I just recently took the plunge into "The Great Courses".


This company offers college courses in all kinds of fields. Leading University Professors from around the country do the lectures. Right now, they have many of their courses on sale for 80% off the normal price. Sale ends the end of Feb.

I just started the "Secrets of Mental Math" course - ASTOUNDING so far. I also have a course on Western Civilization and one on Astronomy ordered. Kinda like going back to college without the extreme cost or pressure of grades. These, obviously, are non-credit courses - for personal enrichment.

Figure they will take the place on inane TV time.

How is this hiking related? Well they offer courses on The Night Sky, Astronomy, Geology, Oceanography, Health and Fitness, Anatomy and Physiology, etc.

01-23-2013, 11:04
Good to see you're expanding your horizons! What's the difference between "The Night Sky" class and "Astronomy"? I may be interested in doing a geology course...

01-23-2013, 11:20
Some overlap from what I see, but the Night Sky is a much shorter class, dealing mostly with the equipment to observe, the constellations, etc. The Astronomy course is much longer, stated it was the equivalent to a year-long college course. Much more in depth with the history, black holes, the reason for seasons, studying individual planets, exploding stars, Gama-Ray bursts, evolution of galaxies, and much, much more.

01-23-2013, 13:18
Thanks for the heads up!

I guess I'll have to do some research on and find some classes to take.

01-23-2013, 13:43
I've used The Teaching Company for years. You might check your local library for the courses. Ours stocks many of them to be checked out. They also can be purchased as an mp3 download, which can be nice to listen to while hiking.

01-23-2013, 14:06
You weren't signed up for that forum Lyle so I signed you up. I'll leave the thread here though.

01-23-2013, 15:42
Sounds much more interesting and intellectually stimulating than the VM Ware class I'm about to take. :(

Thanks for passing it on. Looks pretty cool.