View Full Version : CDT05 hikers started on April 22, 2005

06-06-2005, 13:46
thought yall maybe interested in a 2 guys I met on the PCT in 2001 that are doing the CDT now... They started in NM (Mexican border) on April 22 and did most of NM NOBO and a few days ago skipped up to Yellowstone because of the snow in southern CO (San Juans) ... They had planned to hike north from Yellowstone but got caught in a snowstorm the 1st day out Wednesday, June 01, 2005 - Riding the Storm Out entry.... and have decided to go to Lander, WY.

Their journal is here: http://www.rawhike.com/hikejournal.shtml

Since Doug aka Skywalker has a cell phone & pocketmail the updates to this site were at least once a week when they were in NM..... They are currently in Lander, WY and should be hiking north today... - Fannypack

Spirit Walker
06-06-2005, 14:09
Doug has a good journal - it sounds like he knows how to enjoy his hike. It is a pleasure to read.

There are a lot of CDT hikers keeping on-line journals this year. A few have already gone home, due to injury. The southbounders are starting really early this year - some are starting this week. Reading all the journals is the only thing keeping me somewhat sane (I know, that's debatable) until we can take off again.

06-06-2005, 16:28
A week from today, I ought to be at Goat Haunt starting to hike south. My friend Will is writing a good trail journal and is under the name Pony Express. I'm not sure, but this may make him one of the youngest, if not the youngest, triple crowners out there.