View Full Version : Terra Nova Laser 35lL

01-26-2013, 22:32
Im starting my nobo thruhike April 1st and have managed to snag a new Terra Nova Laser 35l backpack off ebay for about $40. The pack weighs in at 1 pound and the material its made of seems to be durable. I've gone on a few test hikes with it and love the size and how lightweight it is and am planning to use this pack for the AT. The only concern I have is with the entry/closure system to the pack. It is a single taped zipper running vertically up the entire outside of the pack. My base weight will be <10lbs, should I be worried about the zipper failing? I'm planning to bring a small sew kit and duct tape if i need to make a repair long enough till I could get a new backpack.


Zippy Morocco
01-26-2013, 22:54
Nice looking pack. It seems highly unlikely that you would have a failure that would prevent you from getting to town. They are certainly a reputable company and seem to make high quality gear. Of course I have never used there gear.

01-27-2013, 09:51
The zipper would be a big concern of mine, too. Generally zippers don't do so well for me on long trips and I try to avoid them. But it should get you through an AT hike if you take some care--don't drag it through the dirt, don't pull with excessive force, etc. Carry a couple of large safety pins and a trash compactor bag in case it fails, good things to have anyway. The last time I hiked with someone who had a zippered pack, I loaned a safety pin when the zipper failed.