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01-28-2013, 09:43
Availability of canisters had me look at emergency fuel alternatives for the Jetboil pot and I have found 2 that I would want to share:


Using a empty tea light container, filling it with alcohol to the brim and setting it ablaze I get about 9 minute burn time, which brings 1 cup of water to a rolling boil in 6m30s (3m46s to bubbles). The stove can be blown out and alcohol recovered. I don't have a accurate way of measuring liquids but it appears to use 1/2 a oz per burn. There is not enough burn time to do much more then one cup at a time, though if only hot water is needed you may get close to 2 cups out of a single 9 minute burn and may be perfect for freeze-dried food rehydrating - I will have to see. Test was done in 23F temp with very light wind, resting on partial ice, but starting water and alcohol temp was from indoors room and faucet temps.

To use just light the alcohol, place the jetboil pot right over it, no need to remove the cozy.

I assume any metal open container small enough to fit under the jetboil would work for this, with a larger one I would expect much shorter boil times and more boil capacity, but it would need to fit under the built in pot stand. Also if it gets too large it may be necessary to remove the cozy.

Additional note, when I first did the tealight method there was residual wax that seemed to start to burn towards the end of the burn cycle, that seemed to be a benefit and there were some orange flames mixed in and I assume more heat content then alcohol alone, the boil times above were with the wax removed.

This method appears to be very light weight and efficient and I might experiment more with this to find a better container and perhaps trying it out as my primary method of cooking.

Esbit can be seen here:
I have not tried this (yet)
Basically by using the jetboil pot without the cozy, you burn a esbit tablet under it. The jetboil pot has a built in stand and it also acts as a partial windscreen. It appears that they are able to get 1.5 cups of water up to where it makes noise at 5 minutes , I don't see it they got it to a actual boil (video is cut there), though it does appear like the tablet was extinguished so there was more burn time.

They do note that a residue builds up on the jetboil which is easially removed with soap and water, though I'm not sure if that will also build up on the uncleanable heat exchanger.


01-28-2013, 10:16
Just to add a bit of additional info for the alcohol tealight candle stove:
Stove weight does not even register on my scale, shows 0 grams or 0.0 oz
Alcohol weight for 9 minute burn shows 11g or 0.4 oz

Heating up 2 cups of water for the 9 minute time does get the water too hot to drink and I feel it may be good for freeze dried foods.

01-28-2013, 21:12
This is a pretty good idea--but if you are going to do this with the esbit please please put a bit of foil or something under the tablet. The burn mark they left on the rock will still be there when they are long gone from this world.