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06-07-2005, 18:12
AT '04 Trail Days, Backpacker Magazine gave out these nifty tooth brushes with the toothpaste already in the handle. You turned the handle and the toothpaste came out in the brush. I loved it so much I tried adding my own toothpaste when it ran out...but that was a little messy.

Anyone know where you can get these?

06-07-2005, 18:42
Might not be the exact same one Skeemer ...but check out this link:



06-07-2005, 20:21
I had one of these a long time ago. Pretty neat, but the toothpaste tended to acquire a concrete-like consistency between hikes. I eventually decided that the trouble of cleaning the thing outweighed the advantages of having the toothpaste in the handle.

06-07-2005, 21:38
I just got one. I'll be on the lookout for hardening, perhaps using a gel type toothpaste will prevent this?

I was taking it on a short trip, so I only put a little in. Make sure you put enough in to fill the space up to the brush:o .

06-07-2005, 22:01
That's it 'Slogger...man, everytime I've asked about gear you know all about it no matter what it is...boots, fleeces, toothbrush, you name it...you da "gear man." Thanks again.