View Full Version : Dennis Cove Road Hostel ??

01-29-2013, 23:28
There's a new hostel on Dennis Cove Road, about 1/4 mile in the opposite direction as Kincora, can anyone give me contact info or a name, I'd like to get a shuttle from the Tri-Cities airport. The lady of the house did a shuttle for me when I had to come home last spring, super nice, very helpful and accommodating... cute kids too. Thanks.

Brer Sam
01-30-2013, 00:07
That would be Black Bear Resort. Nice place.

01-30-2013, 09:12
Black Bear Resort1511 Dennis Cove (http://blackbearresorttn.com/contact-us.html#) Rd.
Hampton, TN 37658

Tennessee Viking
01-30-2013, 10:41

01-30-2013, 14:34
Thanks to everyone for the info, I should have remembered the name...like the skunk said when the wind changed directions...it all comes back to me now. Thanks again.