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Thumper 2006
06-08-2005, 13:10
Well guys I am starting to heal up pretty well. The blisters are starting to feel a little better, and the swelling in my ankle is starting to go down but it is still a little bit to sore to walk on. For those of you who read my previous post would know that I had to come out of the 100 mile wilderness hiking southbound because of the ankle injury and the blisters. I am gonna get back out there, and I believe I am going to do the flip flop from Harpers Ferry, Hike north, then get a bus ticket go back to HF and Hike to Georgia. Will I be starting at a good time to do a thru hike this way? Will there be some hikers in that area to hike with or will I be all by myself? If not, is there anyone here who is interested in maybe going north from WV? I hope that my plan is going to work. Can anyone give me some good input? I have also paired down pack weight and have been taking it easy on the feet. It looks like it will probably be this week and the next before I can think about getting to Harpers Ferry to start.

06-08-2005, 13:28
Last year my wife and I did our sectiion hike of PA during August and ran into a number of thu hikers. Some were going to Delaware Water Gap and then catch a bus to Maine to hike south. Ohters were just going to keep heading north. So If you start in the next few weeks you'll still be with other thrus I expect.

06-08-2005, 14:43
When you get there in a week or so there'll be plenty of hikers in HF.

Look at it this way, you'll be finishing with both the northbounders at Katahdin and southbounders at Springer. Almost like two hikes in one!