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02-09-2013, 19:25
For anyone that's interested, I've put together a recipe website that's made just for camping and backpacking recipes at Camping Recipes (http://www.campingrecipes.co). Besides the usual recipe website stuff like cooking time and ingredients, you're also able to add approximate calories per serving and approximate ingredient weight for recipes, which is really what makes this a good recipe website for campers and backpackers. There are also a whole bunch of categories for recipes, so the site caters to everyone from car campers to ultralight enthusiasts.

The site also has a meal planning feature, where you can add the people who'll be backpacking and the days they'll be going for, and it'll tell you approximately how many calories you'll need, and will allow you to add recipes to each day and see the total calories per day, total weight, etc, another feature which I think is really useful for backpacking (check out an example meal plan (http://www.campingrecipes.co/meal-plan/1-example)).

I've added a few of my own recipes and gotten some friends to do the same, but if any of you camping food enthusiasts would like to add a recipe or two, that would be awesome. And if you see anything wrong with the site, or have suggestions, I'd love to hear them!