View Full Version : SOBOs near Monson

walkin' wally
06-10-2005, 13:39
Yesterday June 9th I was hiking in to check on Leeman Brook lean-to for Doc and met three SOBOs. They were Thomas (from Georgia), Puffer, and a hiker with no trail name from Wisconsin. All were making good time from Baxter and I gave the hiker from Wis. a ride to Monson.
The bugs in this short section yesterday were nearly zero. Kind of odd for June.

06-10-2005, 16:24
Does this indicate that the trails up Katahdin are finally open for the season?

For what it's worth, we tented in Newport Vermont on Tuesday night and had some of the worst black flies ever.

TJ aka Teej
06-10-2005, 17:02
I climbed the closed Trail last Thursday morning with the Ranger's permission, Peaks. A Ranger climbed in the afternoon, and two southbounders and a dad (RITBlake, UConnMike, and JoeB from Whiteblaze) who went up Abol came down the Hunt later that day. That night the Park officially called it open for the next day.