View Full Version : Anyone try Ronsonol fuel stoves?

02-11-2013, 20:05
Experimenting with various alcohol fuel options I have a question about what I see as an alternative, the stuff used to refill cigar lighters, brand name Ronsonol and commonly available. With some experimentation it appears like it could be used with a alcohol like stove though with a smaller dimension (a plus over alcohol stoves in weight savings) with the efficiency of a petroleum based product (a major plus over alcohol based stove fuel).

Anyone can shed some trial info on this?

Blue Mountain Edward
02-11-2013, 21:07
Will blow up in your face. Use a alcohol stove, fuel will be cheap and easy to find. A alcohol stove can burn fuel line antifreeze (Heet), denatured alcohol, 91 isopropal alcohol and 191 proof grain alcohol.

Wise Old Owl
02-11-2013, 21:11
Most folks will not know this, I had to call a guy in Appalachia, Rosonol is white gas - pure gasoline without additives and filtered...more or less a smaller container. Same as Wisperlight International when you change the jet.