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Tree Nerd
02-13-2013, 21:46
So has anyone seen or tried these on yet? They came out early February and pretty much everywhere (around me) is sold out or on back order. Anyway, they are very similar to the updraft, the major difference is they got rid of the plastic side (major defect in the updraft). They weigh around 20oz. (differing for shoe size), which is a major improvement over the unaweep or yamapa. I have been trying to find reviews, but I guess they are still to new.

I ordered a pair from my local outfitter and I'm pretty excited to get them. They should be here by March 1st.

02-14-2013, 04:58
Haven't heard or read much on them as well. Because like you said they're quite new on the scene. Well, once you get yours do post something on them.

Tree Nerd
02-14-2013, 08:48
Will do. Ill get an exact weight (for my size), along with a review. I leave to thru the foothills trail a couple days after I get them so that should give me plenty of time to get a feel for them.

Tree Nerd
02-28-2013, 22:20
So my tax return came in today so I picked them up a day early. I ended up with a size nine and have only worn them around for awhile inside but haven't had a chance to really try them out. They are lite, very pliable, and comfortable, but there isn't as much arch support at the older style chacos. Ill try to get a weight on them tomorrow. I leave for the foothills trail on Friday, March 8th and will have a chance to put these to a good test. Ill get back with results.

Tree Nerd
03-01-2013, 13:27
Weight for the pair:

615 gr = 21.7 oz = 1.4 lb.

Tree Nerd
03-12-2013, 08:23
Well, even though I had to cut my hike short by a couple days due to a knee injury I definately got to use these a little. These are amazing! I could easily strap them to the outside of my pack. They are pretty light (compared to older chacos), easy to put on, and really comfortable. The new weave that they are using worked great! The weave avoided all the blisters on my feet and felt so good to put on after taking off my boots. I even road hike when them on for a mile or two while trying to hitch a ride and they felt great. Around camp they were awesome, the new soles have lot of bend to them so you could easity bend over or sit on your knees and they would curve with your foot instead of staying stiff and keeping your toes stait. They were nice around camp doing other things such as getting water, putting your feet in a stream, airing your feet out, and I even used them in a SP shower and they were fine. Since I got off the trail and went to GA to spend time with family I have not taken them off because they are so comfortable and easy to put on/off. I highly recommend these, not just for backpacking/camping, but for every day use. Fresh orders should be going out to every outfitter that carries chaco products....look for them.