View Full Version : Check my gear list for a 2 week hike from bear mountain, NY to Allentown, PA

02-16-2013, 19:33

Please refrain from telling me to get a new bag, i know its big but I am pretty broke and need to make it work. Other than that I own all the gear on that list besides the grease pan.


02-16-2013, 19:36
I actually posted a thread a few months ago on here about a few questions I had, but now I have my gear list written up! I am going in early June

02-16-2013, 20:43
Holy glycemic index, Batman! I think you need to revise your menu. That looks like a blood sugar nightmare (to me, anyway). Try incorporating more protein, fiber, dried vegetables, and fats.

02-16-2013, 20:51
Only one pair of hiking socks?? No way. In that kind of hot weather need three pair to change out or it will be blisters galore.
I'd take a bigger water bag to collect water. That trail area can get really dry with water. I once had to carry several liters 8 miles so I had camp water that night.
Only 2 bandaids?
Your sleeping pad is really heavy, but I know you said you don't have money.
I'd take a polartec fleece pullover just in case.
Bear bagging (for NY, PA)
small cup to dip water
You don't need to soak ramen in water all day. (?)
maps, guidebook pages
hiker wallet
pack cover
toothbrush, paste, floss
TP, hand sanitizer
See my blog for food (http://blissfulhiking.blogspot.com/2011/02/hiker-food-kinds-of-stuff.html) ideas

02-17-2013, 15:05
To amplify what Blissful said, you'll need some sort of cordage for hanging your bearbag. And I'm not sure if he meant to imply that you could skip bagging in NJ, but if it were me I wouldn't. The bears up there are like Morbo from Futurama's family, "belligerent and numerous." (It may have moderated lately, but for a long time there was no hunting season there, and the bears in NW NJ were quite bold.)