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06-12-2005, 13:40
how do I send a package to my son? I am a bit confused abou the whole thing. He will apparently be in caratunk maine this week. How will the post office know to hold it for him or if I miss him get it to the next location? This all seems a little crazy.........I'd appreciate the help.
Thanks, Mikesmom.

max patch
06-12-2005, 13:56
His Real Name (not trail name)
C/O General Delivery
Caratunk, ME 04925

On the bottom of the package/envelope write "Hold for A.T. Hiker (expected arrival date 00/00/05)"

He'll need ID to pickup. If he misses the package he can put in a change of address at the next town.

06-13-2005, 01:10
Maybe call in day of delivery and add postage via credit card to next PO. that you have "already" figured out. If it's a small PO with attn HIker they know whats going on and might help you out with a foward. Just call the PO Master ahead.