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02-21-2013, 19:47
Looking for trail runners. Used two pairs of the Brooks Adrenaline on AT thru hike.
Anyone like the Brooks Cascadia line, I think the 8 is the newest?

Really want soothing that will dry fast.

02-21-2013, 22:53
I used the original Cascadias on my '06 hike. Today I have a pair of 7s with IceSpikes screwed into the soles for winter running, and a pair of 8s for wearing places where spikes are inappropriate, like a recent trip to Costa Rica. They dry fast, and have nice, grippy soles.

02-22-2013, 01:14
I did my 2012 AT thruhike in Brooks Cascadia 7 shoes, and loved them. They are perfect for my wide, high volume feet. I saw at least two other thruhikers wearing them and they loved them, too. I didn't get blisters with my combo of blue Super Feet insoles and my Brooks Cascadia 7s.

02-22-2013, 01:23
I own a pair of the Cascadia 8s And can't complain.

02-22-2013, 15:31
Cascadias might be OK if you weigh 130 lbs... They do not offer much support, or traction (I've had a lot of slips and falls in them, both trail running and backpacking). We used them on the Maine AT and many days found us wishing that we had better shoes, like leather boots! In fact we hiked with a guy with leather boots and we could never keep up with him, because we had to watch our foot placement so much more carefully than he did. I think we averaged 1 mph for three weeks in Maine, we would have been able to double that in stouter boots.

Spit Walker
02-22-2013, 15:34
Does anyone else find the the cascadia 8's run small...?

04-17-2013, 12:11
Does anyone else find the the cascadia 8's run small...?
Seems like the Cascadia 7 runs small. I wear a 11 1/12 in Brooks Adrenaline GTS but I may exchange my Cascadias for 12...

04-17-2013, 13:26
i've used several pair of both the cascadia 7 and 8... the differences are small enough so i just bought a pair of 7s since they are discounted. i love 'em. the 8s are a bit lighter, a bit better foot bed padded and a bit lower in the heel. i think i'd have to wear one of each to tell the difference!

04-17-2013, 14:00
I just returned the 11 1/2 Cascadia 7 for a size 12. At around $80, the price seems pretty good. I'm hoping that these trail runners will allow me to switch from much heavier boots at least when I'm carrying under 20-25 pounds which should be almost all the time except for my JMT hike this summer.

04-19-2013, 09:12
Cascadia's are great. THEY DO RUN SMALL. So take note and try some on before going online and buying a pair. I used the 6's for the last 300 miles of the PCT and they still have some umph left in them. I would absolutley recommend getting insoles though. Those red 8's look pretty styling I must say.