View Full Version : Snowman SOBO 12-13...

02-22-2013, 02:51
Hey all, Snowman here, started my southbound August 18, 2012... Super late according to most people (although I ran into plenty of people starting wayyy later than myself) and it ended up being amazing the entire time.

I made my way from katahdin August 18 and got off trail December 15 at bob peoples place in TN to spend holidays it's family and make some money but mostslu ski all winter ^_^.

I met the most amazing people on my hike, NOBO and SOBO, and never wanted it to end...

Im going to finish my thru hike march 10th from bob people's place and head south... I can't sit to meet the NOBO's and if anyone evading this has any questions about anywhere from tennessee to Maine or about late south bound starts in general let me know I'd love to help!