View Full Version : Mountain Hardware ULT 30

02-22-2013, 11:56
I recently picked up this pack and its great. I was just curious on why I don't see this pack come up more often. Anyone want to shed some light on to why people don't use this pack?

02-22-2013, 12:13
Daypacks are not that interesting so they don't come up too often in the first place. A lot of folks just use their old school bags for daypacks. This ULT30 thing costs a hundred bucks and that is a lot to spend on something that has few advantages over my school bag.

02-22-2013, 12:54
I mean even in the Ultralight/ lightweight backpacking crowd there is a lot of mention about gossamer gear, golite, and other vendors. I just feel like this is a serious contender.

02-22-2013, 20:22
I just got a Summit Rocket 40 on sale and like it a lot. There are no outside pockets though so I guess I will have to find a way to put my water bottle on the belt or use my platy with the hose. It is very well made and should be comfortable in the +25lb range. Highly water resistant with a roll top closure. It is under 2lbs but adding a small belt pack or chalk bag will bring it close to 2lbs. Its way cooler than my book bag.