View Full Version : How does it work when someone makes a custom pack for you?

maybe clem
02-28-2013, 18:04
I'm sending an existing pack for them to duplicate. Do they have to cut up the existing pack to get the measurements? Should I expect them to sew the original pack back together and send it back to me? Do you send payment when you commission the pack, or when you receive the finished product?

I'll talk to the pack maker, I'm just curious as to what the general custom is since I've never done this before.

02-28-2013, 19:11
Why would you need to send them the pack?

Send a bunch of pics, some measurements, and the specs you are looking for.

Send your critical body measurements...any decent pack maker can go from there.

Who are you using?

I really like my Zimmerbuilt and the ZPacks I got recently looks very promising (although I would get the Hybrid fabric if I was to do it again).

-Mark in St. Louis

maybe clem
02-28-2013, 20:27
I'm having the same pack made; they don't manufacture it anymore. I would not trust my measurements of anything except maybe Bisquick pancake mix, and even that's a little iffy.

02-28-2013, 20:50
I would think the only one who can answer those questions is the one making the pack.

Maui Rhino
03-01-2013, 05:36
Speaking as a custom sewer myself, if you were to ask me duplicate a pack for you, I would first encourage you to make some changes so that I am not violating their Intellectual Property rights. It would also give you a truely custom pack. It is not hard to keep the same basic mesurements (i.e. volume, waistbelt length, shoulder strap height, spacing, and length, etc.) while still giving you a pack custom made for your needs and preferences. If you were to send me a pack, I would not need to cut it up for measurements, I can take my own off it, and add in what I need for seam allowances. I would also send it back when finished.

As for payment, personally, I collect payment on completion of work, others may want a deposit or the entire cost up front. I do it the way I do because I do this as a side gig, between working 2 jobs and having time for my family. I may tell you it will be a couple of weeks, and something happens to make it longer (like my babysitter getting sick, and I end up watching my 2y/o instead of sewing your gear, for example). I don't want you angry that you paid for something and you have to wait longer than expected. Full time gear makers may give you a quicker turn-around time, but custom gear still takes a while. I can easily spend several hours just designing a custom pack and then 10 or more hours sewing it. For a single pack, this can quickly bring my hourly wage down to a few dollars an hour, before expenses are taken out. This is one of the reasons custom gear costs more than mass produced gear. Another delay or added costs can come if you request materials or colors that are not currently in stock and need to be ordered. All in all, I suggest you work with your gear maker, listen to what he or she suggests, and be patient.

03-01-2013, 07:26
You do need to ask the person who is making the pack. Someone that knows what they are doing will not need to take it apart, and if they do, they should get your permission first. If I were to take it apart, I would not put it back together.

There is nothing wrong with making an exact copy of your pack, there is no 'intellectual property rights' that you are going to violate. The item is out of style and not being made. it is not being replicated for commercial sale. You own one of the items, you just want it copied. This is no different from having a favorite shirt that is worn out copied by a dressmaker.

Judy - LightHeart Gear