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Lone Wolf
12-30-2002, 19:59
I've been kicked off Wingfoot's site. A guy wanted to know how to do nightly e-mails from the trail to update his family via cell towers or whatever. Wingy says it'll ruin his hike and if anybody helped him with his question then those "enablers" of the degredation of the trail would be kicked off or something like that. I told the guy to come to WHITEBLAZE.NET and post the question here cuz Wingnut hasn't hiked in 10 years and is out of touch with the AT scene. What a pathetic old ******* he has become.

Jack Tarlin
12-30-2002, 20:13
The only thing that's surprising about this, Wolf, is that he let you post there in the first place.

Silver lining---maybe some other folks will see the address you posted and will be encouraged to check us out here at Whiteblaze; it'd be great if we started to see all sorts of new folks, who, needless to say, are most welcome here, and may well enjoy the opportunity to talk about the Trail freely, openly, and without fear.

Bandana Man
12-30-2002, 20:39
You're a bad boy, Wolf! I saw your post at trailplace and couldn't help but laugh. I wondered how long it would take before it was deleted. The poor guy that posted the original question probably doesn't have a clue what is going on. Mind you, I don't have a dog in this fight and I'm not picking sides or anything, I just found it humorous.

12-30-2002, 20:46
LW, Congratulations!

Lone Wolf
12-30-2002, 20:50
I e-mailed the guy BEFORE I posted figuring I would be banned. Wing hates the truth. He's a pompous, self-serving has been hiker. This site has more info and is easier to navigate. ****** him!

12-30-2002, 21:51
Good for you Lone Wolf! And Jack..your 100%. :)
Only been a member here a short time but I'm VERY pleased
with responce to posts and pm's.

12-30-2002, 21:56
And did I say I found the information here..hummm....interesting and mostly useful?? Didn't think so.

Wander Yonder
12-31-2002, 02:02
Lone Wolf, would you answer that question here? Is there a way to send emails to hubby who is not too thrilled about my upcoming hike? The only thing I know about is pocketmail and from what I understand, you can't send emails until you get to a phone.

I had also considered taking a cellphone with a solar rechargeable battery, but they don't make the batteries for the tri-mode phone that I would need with Verizon.

Also, I have heard that cellphone reception is VERY spotty along the trail.

I thought I would keep the cellphone turned off except when I was camping by myself out of earshot of other hikers. But my best girl friend really wanted to do the hike with me and is unable to due to health problems. I would love to be able to chat a couple of hours with her once or twice a week so she could "share" the hike.

I am starting to think I will just have to have phone cards with LOTS of time on them and use them in towns.

Lone Wolf
12-31-2002, 08:28
Sharon I can't answer the question. I am cluless about electronic gadgets. I don't own a cell phone, never will. That's why I told O.T. to post the question here after what Wingnut told him. Good luck. BTW the question is still up on Wingys site. everybody go check it out and give the guy an answer.

12-31-2002, 08:44
There will be amble oppurtunity to stop into a Public Library to use computers to correspond with loved ones. I have no idea how tp go about the other gadgetry. Good luck though.

12-31-2002, 12:26
What about a Handspring Visor. I have one with the wireless phone adapter and it works great (in the burbs of Atlanta..I'll have to try it on the trail next trip) you can also carry a light weight portable keyboard to plug in so you can type your email faster. Then you can avoid a cellphone,laptop all those wires and the it can fit in your pocket and you can get some really cool games for it! the weight is about the same as a Petzl Zoom Headlamp too! Th 2 AAA batteries last about 3 weeks in the city

12-31-2002, 14:16
There are several possibilities...

Many if not most cell phones are now web-enabled. My phone, one of the older ones, weights 3 3/4 oz. and I can send e-mail in a pinch on my phone. Cost: an additional $7.00 per month plus any roam charges incurred. (Problem, cell phone signals are not always available 100% of the time.)

I have also used a Handspring Visor with data cable for use with my cell phone, this uses ONLY minutes on a cell phone plus any roam charges that may be incurred. (Again, cell phones signals are not always present.)

A modem card used with a cell phone and PDA, Handspring or Palm and a national internet service would probably be the cheapest way out, used with any telephone jack but obviously can only be used when hitting a trail town.

Some of the newer PDA's are also communication devices see link;
And beware of the additional charges for internet access, and monthly phone fees. (Again, usage is dependent upon signal availability.)
After everything is added up this can be a very expensive venture.

If e-mail is the MAIN reason for doing this I would strongly vote for black and white PDA's/phones...the color stuff ZAPS batteries!!

Wander Yonder
12-31-2002, 15:50
Thanks so much for the info, everyone.

I had not even thought of a PDA.

Ann, what kind of cellphone reception did you have on the trail? I am thinking about Verizon's America's Choice plan. The maps show coverage except in the extreme northeast, although I am sure there are plenty of dead spots.

Which of the three--AT&T, Sprint or Verizon has the most consistent coverage on the trail?

All this communications stuff is new to me -- so much so that I can't even ask intelligent questions about it yet. I've bookmarked the URLs and will do a lot of research on them.

Thanks again, so much, for steering me to new info and ideas. :)

Wacocelt, thanks for the reminder about libraries... I tend to forget that they are there.

12-31-2002, 18:02
I am unable to give you any first hand info on cell phone reception on the AT. I have only used three of the configurations in travel situations and came up with the last possibility in case my husband ever grants me permission to go alone. I am sure that staying in contact would be one of the "conditions" of my trip.

OK NOW...everyone out there block your ears..this is off topic, sorry:

BTW, how did you talk your husband into letting you go????
(I'm jealous of Hammock Hanger!!!!)

Wander Yonder
12-31-2002, 18:21
Thanks, Ann. It looks like the cellphone won't be much use, just will make hubby happy if I carry it. :D

I'm not really sure how I talked hubby into it. I am very big into primitive camping and periodically go off for 3 or 4 days into the nearby mountains by myself. That shook him the first few times but then he got used to the idea. He also realized that I can take care of myself out there, so he doesn't worry about that anymore.

Also, on weekends I took him to some of the places I had camped and he was thrilled with the remoteness and beauty. Enjoying the places I chose reassured him that I knew what I was doing.

The main thing he worries about is human predators... and when I reasoned with him about the low crime statistics on the AT compared with city statistics, it seemed less frightening to him. Also, he knows that I am woods savvy enough to get off the trail and "disappear" if I sense trouble.

Basically, he knows that I am a little weird and when I feel I HAVE to do something that I won't rest until I get it out of my system. And he knows this has been a LONG time dream, and that financially, 2003 is the last year it will work due to his retirement in 2004. So I think he is just resigned to it.

Also, he trusts me implicitly.

He goes around a lot lately singing, "Baby, the rain must fall; Baby, the wind must blow; wherever your heart leads you, Baby you must go...." (Old Glenn Yarbrough song)

His biggest worries are how HE will manage while I am gone, and I can tell they are real fears. I think my hike might be good for him, too, as right now I feel he is way too dependent on me.

12-31-2002, 20:10
It looks like there was some interesting dialog continuing today regarding cell phones at Trailplace ......

Wingfoot states;

"I have enough experience to be a valid judge and have seen enough people using and misusing the A.T. to be absolutely positive that what I am saying is true."

I doubt there were to many cell phones on the trail ten years ago

12-31-2002, 20:25
ehem *cough*

Lone Wolf
01-01-2003, 18:17
Hey Hampster. I see Wingy gave you a spanking over on his site. What a pathetic Ahole he is. He rambles on and on and on... Ask him why he hasn't hiked in 10 years.

01-02-2003, 08:57
I forgot to mention another method of communication via wireless, text messaging. Most cell phone plans come with a number of text messages that are bundled free with an existing service plan. (I think for instance I get 200 per month with my fairly basic service.) In a pinch contact may be made by any one who has the cell phone number of the intended receiver via text or the person on the trail can contact home via text to another cell phone or via e-mail. Although limited in the number of characters that may be sent it might in a pinch be enough to get you to a trail town where full contact can be made.
Here is an example of Verizon's Text Message service. http://www.vtext.com/customer_site/jsp/messaging_lo.jsp?jsessionid=2141901041511217566
(The link is an example of how easy it might be for the at home spouse to send a text message to the spouse on the trail.)
This is potentially a very cheap way out that could enable someone limited or emergency contact to family if needed.
Another option of course would be voice mail.

Jack Tarlin
01-02-2003, 14:49
Hmmmmm. In that cell phones as we know them essentially didn't exist in 1992, which was around the last time this guy spent any serious ammount of time on the Trail, one has to wonder where his allegedly extensive trail experience with these items came from...........

01-02-2003, 16:46
I've made cellphine calls of the top of the ridge of the smokies ..they work fine there!