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Steve Jennette
03-02-2013, 14:18
A couple of related question:

1. Leaving from Springer in early April....is rain gear necessary? and, if yes,

2. I have some options, a set of RAB eVent Neutrino's (2008 purchase, used very little and ridiculously expensive), and a set of new Frogg Togg's.

The RAB set is wayyyyy heavier than the FG's, but of course lots sturdier and I would imagine warmer.

I read an article by Andrew Surka, suggesting skipping the rain gear altogether. I want to be safe, but also don't want to carry a pound and a half RAB rain set if it's just going to lay in the bottom of my pack.

What has been everyone's experience hiking the AT in the Spring? Any advice will be much appreciated.

03-02-2013, 15:27
Rain gear won't keep you dry, but good rain gear WILL keep you warm that time of year. Take it. :)

The Cleaner
03-02-2013, 16:56
Temperatures vary quite a bit during the spring months in the Southern Appalachians.You may be hiking in 60* temps and then a week later temps could (and do) could be below 32*.Add some 30-40mph winds and or rain on the Balds and the rain jacket&pants will be great to have.Or you could just hike till you drop, hopefully near a shelter with space for you.....

03-02-2013, 17:44
If you want to live, take the rain gear.
If you want to die from hypothermia, leave it behind.
Your choice.

Almost undoubtedbly, there will come a time when your gear is wet and useless, its cold, raining, and the only two things keeping you alive, are your ability to hike and generate heat, and your raingear.

You can get hypothermia even at 70F. Its actually more likely in warmer temps because people are less likely to be prepared.

03-02-2013, 18:16
A couple of related question:

I want to be safe, but also don't want to carry a pound and a half RAB rain set if it's just going to lay in the bottom of my pack.

You aren't from the East Coast, are you? The idea that you might skate through April and May without encountering significant rain would cause anyone on the Eastern Seaboard to laugh hard enough to wet himself/herself. Your rain gear will not sit in the bottom of your pack. My Scout troop has monthly trips scheduled, so I can guarantee torrential downpours for at least one weekend per month for the entire Spring in NJ and PA.

03-02-2013, 18:18
Yes you'll need rain gear. The Frogg Toggs will be fine. Just be relatively gentle with them, and carry some duct tape to patch any tears.

Skipping rain gear is okay in some situations, or for some hikers who can simply keep hiking to generate heat. Until it stops raining. Which on the AT might be a week from now.

03-02-2013, 18:31
You definitely will need rain gear. You hear a lot of talk about bears on the trail but hypothermia IMO is the greatest danger. Most of the time you'd probably survive without it but there are times when it could put you in jeopardy, like going over a high bald with high winds and rain, doesn't need to be heavy, there are lots of options. I used a poncho that covered me and my pack last year, it weighed under 10 oz. and did a good job. I recently bought an 11 oz jacket at Academy for $19.95 and pants that weigh 9 oz for the same price. I have some pricey Goretex gear but actually like this better.

Steve Jennette
03-03-2013, 09:47
Thanks everybody. Advice will be taken.

03-03-2013, 09:55
++ 1 on nearly every other post. Take, it, it's the only thing you'll have that will trap the needed heat in, once that heat is gone, your in trouble. Have a Great Hike.

bear bag hanger
03-03-2013, 10:24
Never used RAB eVent Neutrino gear, but a search shows me they are a little heavy and appears to be a down jacket? Not really applicable to rain? Not sure what it is. The Frogg Togg's are a little delicate, to put it mildly. I've tried Frogg Togg's but they tend to tear at the slightest brush with a branch, which you'll see a lot of on the AT. If you use them, the duck tape idea seems to be pretty good, but then you'll need to consider the weight of the duck tape as part of your rain gear.

Wise Old Owl
03-03-2013, 10:27
it's rarely mentioned, make sure your raingear fits over your fleece