View Full Version : The Kovea Spider (KB-1109) Remote Canister Stove

03-03-2013, 16:31
Inverted canister stoves are a lightweight alternative to liquid fueled (gasoline or kerosene) stoves in cold weather. Not only are they lighter, but they're more mechanically reliable. In my latest blog post, I review a good one, the Kovea Spider.

I've found it to be a really nice, compact stove.

For the future, I'd like to see Kovea do more to lighten the 5.9oz/168g Spider stove. I'd like to see a good remote canister stove down in the four ounce range, but this is such a nice little stove that it's hard to complain.
There is a lighter, by about 3/4 ounce, stove on the market, the FMS-118 Volcano, but there have been some complaints about the Volcano when in inverted canister mode, and I don't think the Volcano packs down anywhere near as small. I can get the Kovea Spider and a 110g canister of gas into either my 780ml Snow Peak pot or my MSR Titan kettle.

The Kovea Spider (KB-1109) Remote Canister Stove (http://adventuresinstoving.blogspot.com/2013/03/the-kovea-spider-kb-1109-remote.html). Have a look if you like.


03-11-2013, 00:22
As an adjunct to my earlier post, I just put up a blog post on cooking with the new Kovea Spider (http://adventuresinstoving.blogspot.com/2013/03/cooking-with-kovea-spider.html). Have a look if you like.