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Jersey Devil
06-17-2005, 12:46
I am a lifelong hiker and board member of The Appalachian Trail Museum. We are a new non-profit organization, still looking for a home, with the goal of opening a museum in the next five years. Our goal is to create a museum of the A.T. dealing with its hikers, natural beauty, and place in American History.
My background in museums, of which I have worked in for the past ten years, has helped me in designing a traveling exhibit to help raise funds and awareness. This exhibit will deal with letters and postcards sent from all over the trail since its inception. If you have through hiked, sectional hiked, or even spent enough time on the trail to send letters to family and friends we are looking for your help. Your letters and postcards may become part of this traveling exhibit, and subsequently treated with the highest standards of museum care. This is in addition to becoming part of A.T. history. Feel free to contact me here if you wish to contribute, or have any questions. Thanks in advance.
Joe Angemi a.k.a Jersey Devil