View Full Version : Safe place in Linden Va to leave a car.....

06-18-2005, 06:30
getting an urge to walk a bit this coming week off, any one know if there is a safe place to leave a car in Linden VA????
Is there a police station there? fire department?

06-28-2005, 00:25
Good safe lot is located on the trail just north of rt 55 road crossing. Head east on 55 from Front Royal, go past the Linden post office and the exxon station, then look for the signs for rt 725. Turn left onto 725, go a tenth of a mile or so and the lot is on the right ( after you cross under I-66, and past a locked pasture on the right). The AT trailhead going north is at the far end(east side) of the lot. There is some sort of private house ?B&B right across the road from the entrance to the parking lot.