View Full Version : Anyone ever heard of/been to Aspromonte national park in southern Italy?

03-06-2013, 17:18
This place looks amazing and I'm surprised I've never heard or seen anthing about it until today after messing around with google Earth (said while sitting in apt on cold rainy grey day on St marks. in the east village. being serenaded by the vagabonds screaming racial slurs at anyone sitting in front of 711)

on a happier note, only 6 days until springer
bringing the gf, we'll see how that goes

03-06-2013, 17:27
never heard about it, but was in the Straits of Gilberta last night, and Dubai (off the coast) the night before. Have a great hike Darwin, also been to the Base camp of Everest looking up the Khumbu ice fall...awesome view from my house, I try to look at one place a day. Again have a good one!

03-06-2013, 18:17
Alas, no.

I did get to spend some time in lower mountains of southern Italy. The Apennines are on another list of things to hike.

Here's one view of where I went. Reminded me of Vermont a little bit:


It is where my branch of the Magnanti family came from. Like to think there is link to my current life and that ancestral mountain village. :)

03-07-2013, 03:57
Italy is so spectacular, I have hiked in the italian Alps and some of the dolomites. Want to get down to the appenines!