View Full Version : SOBO's invade Stratton!

06-18-2005, 20:48
Stratton has become a rally point for a whole bunch of SOBO's today. Myself (trailname - Don "The" King), Blake (trailname - Super T), Gills, Samoa, Augie, Bewildered, Tugboat, Tri-Bow, Nemo, Spud, and Stumbles. The final three on that list actually came back here to Stratton from Rangeley because they liked the wicked sweet hiker bunk house at the Stratton Motel. We are all in good spirits, even though it has been raining the last 5 days. Tomorrow they weather is suppose to clear, and we will be heading towards Rangeley (Anover for the other 3 SOBO's, who are getting a ride back to where they left off)

Happy Hiking!

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