View Full Version : Slackpacking from Davenport Gap to Erwin, TN

03-06-2013, 23:08
Any suggestions for slackpacking from Davenport Gap to Erwin TN? We plan to begin the night before with Standing Bear Hostel at Green Corner Road, Hartford, let them shuttle us to Max Patch and hike SB back to the hostel. We will then move up to Hot Springs and hike back to Max Patch. Above Hot Springs, we have not figured out yet where to be picked up and where to stay. Any suggestions for shuttles, hostels, access points, etc. above Hot Springs would be appreciated.

03-06-2013, 23:23
Erwin/Uncle Johnny's (to Hot Springs) 11.2 to Spivey Gap, (13.4 to Sam's Gap, 8.5 Devil's Fork Gap), 20.3 to Allen Gap, 14.7 to Hot Springs. You could try Miss Janet.

03-07-2013, 12:08
Can you give me information for Miss Janet? I don't see her on the shuttle list.

03-07-2013, 14:28
10-K is in Erwin. He may be able to shuttle you, or connect you with someone who can. You could send him a PM.

Tennessee Viking
03-07-2013, 14:52
You may have to play hop scotch with the hostels and outfitters shuttle services. You may have to get both BMO and Uncle Johnnys. Possibly Miss Janet, depending where she is trail angel-ing right now.

10_K is on trail somewhere in KY right now.

03-07-2013, 17:41
Who is Miss Janet? Anyone have her information? Thanks.

03-07-2013, 21:01
Give hemlock Hollow a call. They're just past Allen gap and do shuttles for slack packing. 423-787-0917

03-27-2013, 14:45
hello catch-up!I am also exploring slackpacking options between davenport and damascus.I am just curious.Why wouldnt you catch a shuttle back to max patch and then slackpoack into hot springs.Or are you planning on leaving a vehicle at max patch??

03-27-2013, 14:48
I'm back from hiking the Sheltowee and can slackpack you all the way from Hot Springs.

But... cheapest for you would be to use Hemlock Hollow from Hot Springs to Devil's Fork Gap and me for Devil's Fork Gap to Erwin. I've hiked this section of trail many times and can fill you in on the trail very well.


What I'd do:

Curtis: Davenport Gap - Hot Springs
Hemlock Hollow - Hot Springs - Devil's Fork Gap
Me - Devil's Fork Gap - Erwin

03-28-2013, 15:29
10-K, do you shuttle hikers with dogs?==Kinnickinic

03-28-2013, 15:41
Yes sure.. no problem.