View Full Version : NOBO thru hiker looking for early companions

03-12-2013, 21:36
Hey all, just as excited as ever to get started on this epic trail! I am interested in meeting up with people to at least begin the hike. I am a 20 year old male who loves the outdoors. I have been planning and awaiting this trip for months but have had no luck connecting with people to do it with me. I know i will meet and hike with several people along the way but I am at least looking for someone to start up with. I am doing the approach trail to start and am beginning monday march 25, which is just around the corner. I will look to start at a pace of around 15 miles a day. Let me know if your interested in starting this awesome trip together. Thanks
Owen Daugherty-trail name undecided yet

03-13-2013, 13:15
i recommend you just go out there and meet the people there with you. youve got nothing to worry about if your worried about loneliness, especially considering your departure date. plenty of people will be there.

03-15-2013, 16:22
Hey man I'm 19 and starting my thru hike on March 17th. I will be looking for people to hike with too so maybe we will run into each other at some point. My name is Will.. I will keep an eye out for ya.

03-15-2013, 22:05
I would totally start with you, but I'm not planning until April :) Good luck! Maybe we will meet on the trail!