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03-13-2013, 12:47
Hello everyone,

I'm looking for one hiking partner for Lassen Peak in August 16th or 17th 2013 and the Grand Canyon in November 2013 (Thanksgiving weekend). I'm the father of a 13 (she turns 14 in May) year old disabled daughter who loves to hike, camp, explore, etc. I'm looking for someone to take pictures of our hikes. I will be 100% responsible for her at all times and will carry and do everything to support us. I really just need a good hiking partner who can take 1/2 way decent pictures of us. Both close ups and long distance to capture the hikes.

Lassen will be a 1 day up and down. I want to spend the day before or after Lassen hiking in the Redwoods of Oregon. You could join us for that hike as well.

I'm not sure about the Grand Canyon, but I'm thinking 2 days down and 2 days up. I don't want to pressure myself and really want to take the time to enjoy the canyon.

What I can offer besides 2 great hikes? I will fly the partner from the nearest airport serviced by Southwest to Sacramento and back for Lassen and to/from Las Vegas or maybe Phoenix. I will also cover the car rental, food, camping permits and nights in a hotel. All I ask is good friendship and lots of pictures.

We may even arrange a practice hike somewhere to get to know each other (again, I will cover the above costs).

You can learn a little about us at:


We are very experienced and will have a lot more before both trips.

If interested, please email me at: [email protected]

Chris & Kellisa

03-13-2013, 16:17

Just wanted to say that I checked out your blog, and am very impressed with your story. Inspirational. Honestly, it made my day.

One thing about the Grand Canyon (assuming you aren't familiar with it) -- you'll likely be sticking to the corridor trails, and given your other experiences I think you'll have a great time. Those trails tend to be a bit busy, so as long as you have your camera accessible, you'll have no problem getting strangers to take pictures for you.

Best of luck to you!