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03-14-2013, 18:41
Does anyone have any suggestions for safe, reliable parking near amicola for thru hikers? I'm worried about leaving a corvette at amicola for 5-6 months!

03-14-2013, 19:10
Apparently they allow long term parking at the park, but I wouldn't risk it. Otherwise, I suppose you'd have to pay someone to store it.

Why not take public transportation? It's easy enough and you don't have to worry about your car or getting back to it, you just go straight home. And of course early on, if your car is sitting just down the trail, it could be tempting to quit sooner rather than later. But then, you'd need some where safe to leave it where you live too.

03-14-2013, 19:21
I would have more worries about what kind of condition it would be in after 6 months. Flat spots on the tires, difficult to start, covered in bird droppings.... On the other hand, if you break your leg in the first hundred miles, having your car right there is maybe good?

I left my car there for a week, no problem. It's a safe spot. I'd fly to Atlanta and take Marta to the end and get picked up by The Hiker Hostel for a thru.

03-15-2013, 11:46
Thanks for the replies!

max patch
03-15-2013, 12:04
You can store it in my driveway. I'll even drive it every day to make sure it stays in tip top condition. :)