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03-17-2013, 19:52
Hey folks,

New section hiker, bear with me please. Want to order these maps:


But they are on back order and the date keeps getting pushed back. I love maps when I hike and while I have the thru hikers companion, I don't want to be without maps.

Any other suggestions for maps for north carolina/tennessee? I've googled around a bit, but want to make sure I buy a good map.

03-17-2013, 21:44
I would think that the local outfitters would carry them. I may live closer to NC/TN than you :) but not close enough that I know all of them. You could start with Mountain Crossings at Neel Gap and Bluff Outfitters in Hot Springs. There's also an outfitter in Knoxville (http://www.riversportsoutfitters.com/)

03-17-2013, 21:53
Blue Ridge Mountain Sports carries a complete set of maps and guidebooks by state. Also there is always the virtual map if you carry a smart phone. I pretty much found Verizon on any mountain top and in almost every town when I section hiked from 1997-2007. RevDrDan

Alleghanian Orogeny
03-19-2013, 12:28

I have been a conventional map user for quite a long time and that will likely continue as I expand my hiking horizons in coming years. I am a fan of and a user of the National Geographic "Trails Illustrated" map series. The Trails Illustrated maps are generally at 1:70,000 scale (1" = 1.1 miles or so) and the topo contour interval is generally around 80', which in the mountains is an entirely useful contour interval. They're about 4.25 x 9" folded and open up considerably, giving the user a good look at peaks, ridges, valleys, gorges, etc within considerable line of sight. Trails Illustrated maps are printed in color on water-resistant coated paper. The index at www.natgeomaps.com shows Trails Illustrated overlapping coverage from North Georgia nearly all the way to Harpers Ferry, WV, with several more for VT and NH. They're spendy at $11.95 each, with something in excess of 12 of them covering the area from North Georgia to Harpers Ferry.

Here in Raleigh, NC, our local REI stocks many of the Trails Illustrated maps for NC, TN, and VA. We can also order through REI online for free shipping to the store of our choice.