View Full Version : After the hike

Roll Tide
03-18-2013, 13:26
:-? This question is for the older hikers who have done a thru hike. I've been married 38 years and I'm wondering how long does it take you and your spouse to get back into a regular pattern of doing things together? We have been apart for a few days to a week and once for a month, but never for 5-7 months. i would also love to hear from some wives whose husbands have done a thru hike.

The Snowman
03-18-2013, 15:06
bring the wife along no worry that way.

gizzy bear
03-18-2013, 16:00
i don't have the experience you were asking for...but i would think that re-connecting with one's spouse, would be fairly easy (if one is married to someone they love and miss ;)) ... however, re-connecting with the general public, may a whole other story !! :P