View Full Version : Please rate and give info GA- Springer to Woody gap

03-18-2013, 13:36
can anyone please provide advice on anything pertaining to this section. Which way to start, good stopping point for camp?
Maps, topo, profile, trip reports, mile by mile report/ data?

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03-18-2013, 15:21
Carry enough water between Hawk Mtn. Shelter and Justis Creek. This is a dry stretch plus many ups and downs may leave you very thirsty. :)

Chex Mix
03-19-2013, 12:08
Start at springer, it's a nice hike to neel gap. After that it gets tougher so I would go north.

-Chex Mix

03-19-2013, 15:07
day 1 u could camp at Hawk Mtn shelter

day 2 u could camp at Gooch Mtn shelter

day 3 u could camp at Lance Creek

day 4 end at Neels Gap

other advice already given is good here

Red Hat
03-19-2013, 16:42
uh... Woody Gap is before Lance Creek and Neel Gap. It is approximately 21 miles between Woody and Springer. I like to park at Woody Gap (Hwy 60) and hike south to Springer. That way you meet the folks heading north. My recommendations: Day 1 camp at either Gooch Gap (approximately 5 miles), Gooch Shelter (about 6 miles), or Justis Creek (8 miles). Day 2 walk to Hawk Mtn shelter (about 8 miles between Gooch Shelter and Hawk) - this hike includes climbing both Justis and Sassafrass Mtns. (like someone said, not much water between Hawk and Justis). Day 3 take your time and enjoy walking to Three Forks, stop at the Falls on the way, then on to Springer. (another 8 mile day) There is plenty of water along the way except for the area mentioned. There are plenty of ups and downs. It is a great hike! You will need to arrange for a shuttle from Springer back to Woody Gap unless you leave a car there.