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03-18-2013, 16:57
My First post here. My 12 year old son and I are planning on doing a "shake down" cruise from Pennsylvania 325 to the Yellow Springs Ruins (about 6.0 miles https://maps.google.com/maps?saddr=PA-325+E%2FClarks+Valley+Rd&daddr=Appalachian+Trail,+Jonestown,+PA+17038&hl=en&ll=40.457658,-76.714439&spn=0.05845,0.132093&sll=40.451389,-76.73521&sspn=0.058455,0.132093&geocode=FWg_aQIda35s-w%3BFYR-aQIdxvZt-ymPpSGQ-LLIiTG-MkG7T5fDuA&t=h&dirflg=w&mra=ltm&z=14&iwloc=ddw0 ). From what I can tell, camping is allowed near Yellow Springs near the Appalachian Trail mailbox... He's going to be carrying a light pack (15 or so pounds) and I want to make sure that we can camp, and possibly have a small camp fire (I know I know, LNT, but he's 12 and not quite there yet). We will be carrying enough water for the hike, but I'd like to run through water filtration with him. I think 6 miles from a Saturday mid morning to dinner time is doable with a light pack on this section.

FYI his pack base weight is about 10 pounds, mine is 20 ( I have the tent, and a luxurious REI inflatable pad....) and we are both in good shape and have tested our gear a few times, just not a "full" shakedown cruise.

I have been stalking this site relentlessly and would like to do a full hike in 2016 when I retire from my .Gov job......

03-18-2013, 19:50
That's legal if it's a point to point hike per PGC regulations, spot a car say at Gold Mine Rd at the rail bed then you would also see Rausch Gap where there is frankly more to see. In an out hiking along the A.T. on SGL is not legal. http://www.pacode.com/secure/data/058/chapter135/s135.42.html (NOTE the definition of "through hiker" in this reg differs substantially from the "thru hiker" term used on this site) Fires ARE permitted within limits as per this reg: http://www.pacode.com/secure/data/058/chapter135/s135.41.html

If you are interested in old ruins and not in a car shuttle then the A.T. stretch south from Pine Grove Furnace SP in State Forest would be more legal. You would pass Camp Michaux http://historicalsociety.com/Camp_Michaux.html which in common with most of these sites is much more visible while the leaves are off.

03-18-2013, 19:52
I meant in and out BACKPACKING is not legal in PA SGL. (Perhaps I should start contributing again...)

03-18-2013, 21:33
Thank you. Unfortunately, I can't car shuttle. I'll take a look at pine grove. Thanks for the PA SGL link.

03-18-2013, 21:50
When are you looking to do this? I may be able to do a quick shuttle for you if I'm not out hiking. I live very close to that area. I would also reco Rausch gap over Yellow springs if you can only do one. I was just up there two weekends ago and I had forgotten how nice that area was when I originally hiked it. Also, read up about the water there. There was a lot of mining and some of the water is very acidic. There is a very cool diversion dam where the raise the ph of the water on Rausch creek. Very cool project.

03-19-2013, 07:46
My son and I hiked through there during our Christmas break 3-day hike from the Susquehanna to Swatara Gap. We stopped for lunch but did not camp at Yellow Springs. The area is called St. Anthony's Wilderness and is one of the largest roadless areas in Pennsylvania. We walked through that section on the one day that it didn't snow. Unfortunately, the Game Commission only allows camping during point-to-point hikes and not the out-and-back hike you had planned.

Here's a picture of my son Sherpaboy at the newly-rebuilt Rausch Gap Shelter. We stayed there the night after hiking through Yellow Springs. If possible you should check it out.


You might want to check out the following post for shuttles in this area:


03-19-2013, 09:18
There will be plenty of water and camping places. Be sure to follow the signs to the General

03-19-2013, 11:10
There will be plenty of water and camping places. Be sure to follow the signs to the General

The side trail to the General before you get there is the most reliable water source on top. This time of year there will be other seeps not too far trail-north of the Yellow Spring mailbox - over 500' but closer and not as far downhill as the actual Yellow Spring which is of course yellow too.

03-19-2013, 12:06
Malto, Kioeh, Moldy and Jansport D2, thanks for the input. We were looking at going this weekend or next, weather depending. I'm going to look at the Rausch Gap part. Is that on State Game Lands too? I'm hesitant to do a point to point with my son until I see how he does. I plan on an easy 6 miles, but I wanted an "out" in case he had pack issues, got tired...etc...I really want to make his first backpacking trip enjoyable, and then start working up to 2 and 3 dayer trips....

03-19-2013, 12:57
Rausch is also in the state game lands, same rules apply. There is also an option that would take you from Swatara gap to Rausch then out 5 miles to the Gold Mine road. The last leg is completely flat. You could also reverse it and have mostly downhill to Swatara. And there are a couple of shorter options as well.

03-19-2013, 15:22
Malto, thank you. I think I am going to re direct to some of the PA State Forests, specifically Weiser State Forest because they allow primitive camping. Looks like some good hiking loops there.

03-19-2013, 21:06
A loop option a little to the north is the Tom Lowe Trail to Eagle's Nest Shelter to Sand Spring Trail. Plenty of tent spaces around the shelter and several good springs this time of year.