View Full Version : MLD Ark 4400ci

Chaco Taco
03-19-2013, 06:52
While Im set on an a ULA Catalyst, Im looking at a variety of others. Ive looked at BPL and have seen 2 reviews there. Anyone over here have this particular pack? How is the fit? Is it roomie in the main compartment?

03-21-2013, 19:53
How set could you be if you are looking at others?

Its not even in the same class as the Catalyst as far as load hauling ability.

Its a frameless pack, with minimal hipbelt wings.

Chaco Taco
03-21-2013, 19:55
because I just like throwing things like this out there....just curious

03-21-2013, 20:17
Looks a little large for it's suspension.