View Full Version : Thank YOU ALL! Great advice and resources

03-19-2013, 09:34
Just wanted to post a big thank you!! to everyone here.

I've been reading these posts, following journals, and taking in such great information that I am finally seeing one of my goals that have been in the waiting for 30+ years.

you may ask, why so long? well, family, job, etc. But now, the time is approaching and I am so anxious to start. I found this site through my reading of several books about the AT and since have really enjoyed everyones sharing.

My AT hike will start in March 2015. I've been planning and saving since 1/2011 and with each passing month I get more excited because I know it's becoming a reality. I could not be a more fortunate person due to support mentally from family and friends (though some think I am completely crazy) and even my employer to a degree understands and supports my decision to do this. I will turn 55 when my feet hit the dirt in GA to head North.

Would welcome any all communication so I may learn more, and fine tune what I really need and should expect.