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03-19-2013, 11:23
Doing a 2 day 2 night trip on the Cumberland trail with my 63yo dad. Slow hiking with quite a bit of time in camp. Temps are looking to be highs around 50, lows around 35 with some rain. Still learning the ropes on clothing options. Here's what I have to work with. Base layers: myriad of short and long sleeve running shirts and a set of lightweight polypro longjohns. Mid layers: Nylon hiking pants, 1/4 zip 100wt fleece with thumb holes, 1/4 zip nylon running l/s running shirt. Insulation: generic full zip fleece, TNF tri-climate inner liner jacket. Shell: Generic golfing type windbreaker pullover, Columbia rain jacket and pants, nothing fancy but packable. What would be the best layering strategy using these clothes? I'm trying not to buy anything else right now and just make due with what I have or what I can get on clearance at TJ Maxx. I was thinking of hiking in the pants, l/s running shirt, and windbreaker if needed. Full zip fleece added for camp, and sleeping in the polypro long johns. But I'm completely open to all advice and suggestions.

03-19-2013, 12:18
You have plenty of clothing. When moving ls running shirt and shorts. Add rain top if raining. When stationary, shorts, t-shirt plus fleece and rain top/bottom. You need to add hat and gloves/mittens. You should be able to wear all the clothing you are carrying at once. Get rid of the rest.

03-19-2013, 16:02
Thanks, thats pretty much what I was thinking. Just wanting some confirmation. Any reason to take the polypro longjohns or just sleep in my hiking pants and shirt/fleece?

03-19-2013, 16:21
Clothing optional?
Just kidding.

Here's a rule which seems to work most of the time. Dress so that you'll be slightly chilled.

Dress in many layers so that you can shed one at a time without getting overly chilled.

You know not to wear cotton in cold weather, but it's worth stating here if someone reads and isn't yet aware of "The rule"

If it's windy, wearing a windbreaker can cut down on the amount of clothing that you need to wear and make it easier to quickly ventilate when overheated.

The most practical clothing for all seasons has a full zip or button front.

Hope it helps :)