View Full Version : A Fortune Cookie for this year's (& future) AT Hikers

Chuckie V
03-20-2013, 16:01
The AT awaits us...


Let's get this party started!


gizzy bear
03-20-2013, 16:13
looking forward to a couple of weekend hikes soon and the HMW in aug/sept !!! woo-hoo!!!

03-20-2013, 16:17
Will be hiking Fontana Dam to Hot Springs in one month! I have got the itch.....ready to go.

03-20-2013, 16:40
My sig line came from a fortune cookie...

Odd Man Out
03-20-2013, 20:08
I once had a FC that said "It's home made, honest" :-?

Teacher & Snacktime
03-22-2013, 17:22
I once had one that read: "You need not worry about your future". I figured I was a gonner as soon as I left the restaurant.