View Full Version : Favorite new "energy" drink

03-24-2013, 15:35
I hate to say energy drink but this stuff came out last year to the cycling world and they are just now beginning to push into other realms. Its the easiest digesting drink that I have ever used and the flavor is very light. Grab some from your local bike shop or order direct. My favorite flavor is berry which is strange because I hate berry flavored anything. www.skratchlabs.com

03-24-2013, 21:42
You and me must have been at the same cycling shop today. Saw it on the shelves in a Alphareeta GA cycle shop specializing in everything a triathlete might want. I should have asked my brother about it who I was with who's a nutritionist and triathlete.

03-24-2013, 21:49
It sounds an awful lot like my magical Malto mix, only a lot more expensive.

Odd Man Out
03-25-2013, 00:51
Seems like a hydration mix should have chloride ions. This doesn't. Am I missing something?