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03-25-2013, 17:35
Hey all,

I'll be arriving in Bangor, Maine on June 26th, and from there will take the Cyr bus to Medway. Although there are many shuttles that run from Milli to Baxter SP, I thought I'd try here first and see if anyone would be heading that same direction around that same day albeit such a specific time. I have no problem paying for the shuttle if it comes to that; I'm going on an adventure, however, and knowing my own actions I'll probably end up hitching if nobody responds on here :rolleyes:

ALSO: For anyone that might be arriving around the same time and wants a partner to split shuttle costs, I'd be willing to do that as a follow-up option if the first doesn't totally fall through.

Pm me or reply here!

And see y'all out there

03-25-2013, 17:42
...And of course I misspell the title of my first post. :datz

Tree Nerd
03-26-2013, 21:05
I should be arriving in Bangor on the Greyhound on June 27th and In the same situation right now....looking for a shuttle to katahdin from bangor....I would be happy to split it the cost with you if you wait and extra day....where you located in KY? Im in lex for school, but will be leaving from Akron, Oh for Bangor. If your taking a bus is it going thru Akron? If so, I can get a ticket for a day earlier and just ride with you there. Let me know...PM

Tree Nerd
03-26-2013, 21:12
Actually, if you take the greyhound you will go to Cleveland for a transfer, I would do the same thing. I might just get a ride to Cleveland and go from there.

03-26-2013, 22:28
Hey man, I'm riding Greyhound too, starting from Louisville. I took this from my confirmation email:

06/24/13 07:25PM GLI-1156 * Depart LOUISVILLE, KY
06/25/13 03:10AM GLI-212 * Arrive CLEVELAND, OH
06/25/13 05:05AM GLI-212 * Depart CLEVELAND, OH
06/25/13 06:40PM GLI-1966 * Arrive NEW YORK, NY
06/25/13 10:30PM GLI-1966 * Depart NEW YORK, NY
06/26/13 03:15AM GLI-3520 * Arrive BOSTON, MA
06/26/13 09:10AM GLI-3520 * Depart BOSTON, MA
06/26/13 02:25PM -0 * Arrive BANGOR, ME

I couldn't really wait an extra day; the price of a hotel/motel for an overnight would cost the same as taking a shuttle by myself when I get there. Think I might just take advantage of Appalachian Trail Lodge's Sobo special http://www.appalachiantraillodge.com/packages/sobo_special/ $70

Still would be cool to meet up. Let me know

Tree Nerd
03-26-2013, 22:43
Let me check out bus tickets from my area and I'll let you know. I found a shuttle from medway to katahdin for $55 than $10 more per extra person, which is a little cheaper.

Tree Nerd
03-26-2013, 23:01
For some reason I can't get on the bus in Cleveland at 5, but if I take the bus fom Akron on the 25th we would be on the same bus from Boston to Bagnor. If your interested I can plan to do that.

03-27-2013, 00:58
If anyone else is interested in maybe forming a caravan (June 24-26) pm me.