View Full Version : Any Info between Neels Gap and Dicks Creek Gap in GA

03-25-2013, 17:51
I will be doing a southbound section hike from Dicks Creek Gap to Neels Gap the second weekend of April. Is there any information that I should be aware of in that area? Like last year when there was no camping near Blood Mountain because of a bear nuisance. Any other information will be of great help as well.

max patch
03-25-2013, 19:55
The no camping zone unless ya got a bear vault starts at Neels and goes S for 5 miles so that won't affect you.

The section Neels to Low Gap Shelter always has bear activity and could have very well been included in the no camping area so take care.

Free shuttles to Ron Havens hotel if you stay there from Dicks Creek or Unicoi; doubt you'll need that but its good to know.

03-25-2013, 20:47
Thanks max patch. Yea I remember hearing about the bear near Blood Mtn last year. And I also remember the bear that you are referring to north of Neels Gap. Heard that the bear is a food bandit. I'm not worried though. My hike is 3 days and I'll end up knocking out the last 17 miles going southbound in one day. I think I know the answer to this even before asking but do you think the campsite near Red Clay Gap and the campsite at Addis Gap will be packed?

max patch
03-25-2013, 21:39
I have no idea about Red Clay Gap.

My guess - especially if you will be there on a weekend - is that you may have company at Addis Gap. Not thruhikers - most NOBO thrus are not going to hike 1/2mile on a blue blaze to a campsite when there is a shelter less than 2 miles away - but turkey hunters. You can drive to Addis Gap on a FS road, and Addis Gap has traditionally been a place where they make camp. Season is 3/23 - 5/15.