View Full Version : Six Moon Design Announcement

03-26-2013, 09:47
I guess this is old news, January announcement, but I just saw it.

Per Six Moon Design website, Brian Frankle, founder of ULA, has become their Director of Pack Design.

Supposedly some new concepts to be developed, should be very interesting.

This sure is a great time to be involved in Backpacking. Well maybe not. Used to be you bought a pack and lived with it for a couple of decades, now it seems you update every few years... :)

03-26-2013, 14:45
Ya this is sort of old news but I am super excited about it. I am pumped to see the new gear they come out with. I have a MLD Prophet and really doubt that there will be a pack anytime soon that will pull me away from it because it is just about perfect (water bottle holsters are impossible to get to while pack is on unless you work for the circus), but I am none the less excited because I have some friends that will be needing gear soon.

03-26-2013, 23:08
Interesting. Always liked Brian personally the few times I met him and, well, his ULA Conduit/CDT pack design fits me PERFECTLY for 3 season long distance hiking and most short winter hikes. The ULA Conduit would be HARD for me to walk away from. That's a good biz move on Ron's/SMD's part. Ron Bell over at MLD is really chill too and his pack designs as well as tarps are TOP NOTCH. Joe over at Zpacks is doing some interesting things with cuben packs. I like some of the gear over at HMG for some apps too. All great guys offering solid customer service and custom UL gear.